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The primer is the initial coat to be applied. The key functions of the primer are to perform as a protector and leveler, and to make the base coat more trouble free to apply to the component to which it is applied. As a leveler, this is imperative, since the manufacturer’s component surface often has imperfections, marks, scratches and other forms of surface defects after being initially manufactured.


A smoother surface is fashioned by leveling out these defects and therefore an improved final product. As a protection, the primer will protect from UV-light, bumps, corrosion, heat differences and stone-chips. Simplicity of application makes it easier for paints to attach to the surface and a more diverse range of paints can be utilized.


The base coat is applied after the primer coat. This coat holds the visual assets of color and effects, and is generally the one referred to as the paint. Base coat used in the automotive products is commonly divided into three groups, solid, metallic and pearlescent colors.


The solid paints have no shine, shimmer or sparkle effects except the color. This is the easiest type of paint to apply, and the most common type of paint widely used on cars, trucks, and motorcycles.


The metallic paints contain aluminum flakes to produce a grainy and sparkling result, or as most universally refer to as a metallic look. This paint is more difficult to manage than the solid paints because of the extra aspects to consider. Metallic and pearl paints must be applied consistently to ensure an even looking finish without dark and light spots which are often described as "mottling".


Pearlescent Paints contain distinct iridescent pigments generally described as "pearls". Pearl pigments provide a colored sparkle to the paint finish which is designed to create a deep intense color. Pearlescent paints can be two stages in types: 3 stage basecoat plus pearl midcoat and clearcoat or 2 stage pearl base color plus clear.


Typically sprayed on the surface of a colored basecoat, clearcoat, either solvent or water-borne, is a transparent and glossy coating that creates the ultimate interface with the environment. For this purpose, the clearcoat must be resilient enough to resist abrasion and the chemical reactions must be stable enough to withstand UV light.

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Auto Paint Work - J & R Autopaint Express paintwork is impeccable, perfect and flawless.
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